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A Homosassa woman was hospitalized Wednesday afternoon after she and another woman were thrown off a Jet Ski on the Homosassa River.

Officers with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s (FWC’s) Division of Law Enforcement continue to investigate the 3:45 p.m. accident to determine if there were any violations, according to an FWC report and spokeswoman Karen Parker on Thursday.

Megan Straight, 24, of Homosassa, was driving a 10-foot-9-inch long Yamaha personal watercraft near Monkey Island with her passengers, 19-year-old Senecia Werling, of Beverly Hills, and 29-year-old Elana Jones, of Homosassa, FWC’s report states.

Parker said the women were wearing life jackets.

When Straight tried to jump another vessel’s wake, Werling and Jones were ejected. Jones was severely injured and transported to Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point in Hudson for treatment.

FWC does not believe alcohol was a factor, its report states.

Parker said it’s not illegal to jump wakes unless it's done recklessly or close to the vessel making the wake.

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Miuke Nelson

If she was near Monkey Island she was in a slow speed zone. Hard to wake jump if you are obeying the law and just plain stupid with 2 other people aboard.

CitrusCo Citizen

Also, a pretty dumb stunt to try if you're carrying two additional passengers. She's the "captain" of a vessel, and her responsibilities are for the safety of her passengers or crew, regardless of the type of watercraft. She behaved recklessly and mindlessly. I rode a jetski for a decade and never had an incident or accident because I followed the rules and used common sense, too. Whenever I had a passenger, I was extra careful.


Sounds like both the boat and the jetski were at fault speeding in a no wake zone and also a high traffic area. Sure that the property owners in the area love the noise. A male swan in Connecticut solved that problem. He would attack the jet skis. The skiers complained to DEP and wanted the swan removed. The owners supported the swan staying as he was protecting naturally his territory. DEP sided with this big male swan. The jet skiers disappeared as taking on a mean 40 + lb. mean male swan just ain’t smart. The home owners were thrilled that the swan won and they could have peace and quiet again.. its called “eco policing.”

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