Wawa Beverly Hills construction

Construction on this Wawa gas station and store in Lecanto is further along than the Wawa in Crystal River. A sign at the front of this location advertises it is now accepting applications for employment.

If you want to work at the new Wawa going up at the southeast corner of County Roads 486 and 491, you better hurry.

Construction started in early December and it’s moving along quickly. Wawa spokeswoman Jennifer Wolf said the store is scheduled to open sometime between April and June.

So now is the time to apply for one of the expected 30-40 jobs. They include openings as customer service associates, supervisors, food and beverage managers, general and assistant managers.

To apply, visit www.wawa.com

This store will look much like other Wawas in the chain.

“It will have all of Wawa’s signature food items -- from classic hoagies to custom-built salads,” Wolf said.

There is a second Wawa going up, this one on the northeastern corner off U.S. 19 and State Road 44.

Wawa construction in Crystal River

Construction of the Wawa store on U.S. 19 in Crystal River continues to progress. This store and another in Lecanto will open in 2019.

That one is still in the land-clearing stage.

Assistant City Manager Brown “Jack” Dumas said the company has still not submitted to the city any building plans.

“They’re still working based on the permit for site work but there’s nothing on the building permit,” Dumas said.

Pennsylvania-based Wawa has more than 800 stores throughout Florida and the nation.

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CitrusCo Citizen

Please pay Wawa workers $15.00 an hour which would give them a barely living wage. Otherwise they will join the thousands of working poor in Citrus County. You can afford it Wawa.


Please pay Wawa workers what the market dictates as capitalism warrants. Increase your skills and experience and you will not have to worry about a handout.


I meant give them a job. When I offered them work they always turn it down.


Maybe they can give beggars who stand in mediums at that intersection most days.

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