The Reading Tree

Library Director Eric Head and his mother, retired Homosassa Librarian Wylene Head, stand by the 2021 Homosassa Reading Tree with the “hearts” that they donated to the collection.

Starting on February 1, Citrus Libraries will be launching the 3rd Annual Reading Tree campaign. This yearly February activity has quickly become a favorite of library lovers as yet another way to support the Citrus County Library System. Donations collected during this campaign will be exclusively targeted to expand the book collection at all five branch locations. This month-long celebration of libraries, books and reading begins on February 1, and will run through the end of the month.

What is a “Reading Tree” you ask? The CCLS Reading Tree is a visual representation of the collection as it “grows” daily, and how close we are to reaching our goal of 500 new books! Each branch has created a Reading Tree that will have hearts with donors’ names, and each heart equals one new book that will be added to the collection. Not only will the donors be featured on the Reading Trees, the name they designate will be honored with a special book plate on the first page of the donated book. Once the books have been added to the Citrus Libraries online catalog, anyone who donated will be able to search for their name and see “their” book pop-up.

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