A 13-year-old Hernando boy remained hospitalized Monday in Gainesville after being shot by a sibling in what authorities are calling an accidental incident.

Deputies responded around 6:30 p.m. Sunday to a residence on North Blue Bream Terrace in Hernando where they located the boy with a gunshot wound. He was transported to Ocala Regional Medical Center and then transferred to UF Shands Hospital. His condition was unknown Monday.

The boy was shot with a semi-automatic handgun that was not securely locked in the residence, sheriff’s spokeswoman Brittney Carman said Monday.

The sheriff’s office is not releasing the name of the victim, the sibling who accidentally shot him, or their parents.

There have been no arrests and the investigation is continuing, Carman said.


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So very sad that the negligence of adults leads to unintentional injury or death... all too often.


The kid was just claiming his Gun Sanctuary Rights.


This 13 year-old has since died from his wounds. Please keep his Mother and family in your prayers. Simply imagine if this happened in your family. Remember, people who live in glass houses should not throw stones.


Sad that this happened. I cannot stand gun owners that have no understanding of SAFTEY. every one of my weapons is locked up tighter than Fort Knox and even if they got in they would have to assemble the firearm and then find a way into the ammo safe. Why do they not follow any safety standards like the me? Kids will play if not locked up. parents or whoever left this out needs to be charged. Hands down this person that left it out is a disgrace to all law abiding gun owners everywere.

Lourie Schultz

Very well said with respect to all, and everyone's rights Tattoo7621. Thank you for your sincere concerns and intended suggestions. This is proof in the package that some folks should never have children. Why do they not follow safety standards ? Because they should never been allowed themselves to own a gun, clear and simple. And yes, I agree, that person that left the weapon exposed needs to answer to the fullest extent of the law. That they have suffered the pain that their child was injured is of no excuse, to their own blood or anyone else that may have been a victim in their direct society. This is the gun that may have ended up at a school or a church. This is a person that had no respect for anyone around them. This is a person that had/has, no excuse at all that could possibly justify their actions.


OMG at the Drama. They never said it was the parents gun. Just relax and let the authorities determine what actually happened.


I said Parents or whoever left it out.


This is so sad. Parents, please keep your guns locked up!!


I can only hope for your own sake that you learn compassion for others who you consider "less than".


Fort Knox, Really? what good is a gun that you have to assemble and go track down ammo? Might as well have a sling shot. Teach responsibility for weapons. Yes guns should be where not just anyone can get to it, but within reason.


Never said I didn't have one with me ready to defend. The ones not in use are locked up. I may be a safety fanatic but not dumb either....

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