Well, I find the need to, once again, address an issue that seems to continually occur here in Citrus County. Of course I am speaking about people getting trapped by signing documents regarding roofing projects.

Seniors vs. Crime is, once again, getting inundated by people coming in because they feel they are stuck using a certain roofing company after signing documents that are misleading or they are told are mandatory. You have no requirement to sign ANYTHING to get an estimate.

Recent legislation has helped with the issue of misleading actions by one or two unscrupulous roofing companies, however, they are already taking steps to try and circumvent the law.

Until you make a decision on which roofer you intend to use, (hopefully after at least three estimates,) you should not sign any documents, no matter what you are told they mean.

If a company insists you sign paperwork prior to you being ready on making a decision, you would be best to choose another company. This is a simple action that can save you a tremendous amount of money and effort in the end.

There is some great news from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regarding a new tool available to members of the armed forces. The FTC announced that starting Oct. 31, all three primary credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, Trans-Union) are offering a free credit monitoring service to active duty military members and members of the National Guard.

This is a service that will help keep them from falling prey to scammers while they go about serving our country. This is a long overdue benefit that will have a positive impact on our troops.

The announcement by the FTC has great timing, considering tomorrow is Veteran’s Day. There will be many local events taking place throughout the county, so I hope everyone gets the opportunity to go out and enjoy the festivities and thank the veterans that allow us to enjoy such events.

Don’t forget to stop by and watch the Veterans Day Parade in Inverness which starts at 10 a.m. In addition, we should thank the families of those veterans as they, too, sacrifice so much so that the men and women of our military can do their duty.

In recent weeks, you may have seen in the paper or on our Facebook page that we have had several local residents who have wandered from home and the community had to be mobilized to locate them.

This is an occurrence that is happening with more and more frequency. Such events can be life threatening to these individuals and at very least extremely stressful for the families even when they are located unharmed.

With this in mind, I highly recommend that people who care for individuals who are at risk of wandering take advantage of the different services available here in Citrus County. Out of Harm’s Way scent kits are available through the Sheriff’s Office, Find-M-Friends, and other providers throughout the county. These small jars can be the difference between life or death.

In addition, The Citrus County Sheriff’s Office has the S.M.I.L.E. (Sheriff’s Memory Impaired Locating Endeavor) Program. SafetyNet, and soon will be adding AngelSense to our recommended programs.

If you are need of any further information or have interest in any of these programs, please call our Senior Services Section at 352-527-3701. The safety of our loved ones is priceless.

Lee Alexander oversees the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office’s volunteer programs.

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