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Citrus County School Board members on Tuesday OK'd a provision budget and millage rate to keep schools running through next year.

This provisional allowance of $243,879,072 for the 2019-20 school year made up of local, state and federal funding sources will act as the school district's budget until school board members approve a final number during their meeting at 5:30 p.m. on Sept. 10.

It's a $12.7 million increase from last fiscal year's budget of $231,177,538.

Board members also approved a proposed total millage rate of 6.125 mills, which will bring in roughly $65 million in property taxes in the county to help fund their budget.

Of the $65 million, $49.1 million will go towards salaries and operational expenses, and $15.9 million pays for construction projects, buses and property purchases.

This accounts for roughly $89 million in expected local funding for the district.

State education officials set millage rates — known as required local efforts — for each of Florida's 67 school districts, based on their county's tax rolls.

According to reports, Citrus County's taxable value jumped this year to roughly $10.092 billion, an 11% increase from last year's $9.091 billion. Its school district was directed to have a tentative millage rate of 3.877, which will raise $41.2 million this year.

School district officials are also levying the respective maximum discretionary and capital millage rates of 0.748 and 1.5 allowed by the state.

Through the Florida Education Finance Program (FEFP), $69.1 million in state monies — mostly from the sales tax — is being allocated to the school district's budget, along with $16.7 million from federal coffers.

Estimated revenues will contribute towards a $124,898,458 general fund that's expected to cover $135,884,257 in personnel and daily operations costs, resulting in a $8,579,701 million withdraw from reserves to foot the balance.

District employees' salaries and benefits make up 81% of the district's total tentative budget.

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