Crystal River Post Office Potholes

An SUV rides over a pothole in the parking lot of the U.S. Post Office in Crystal River. Plans are in place to resurface the pavement early next week.

Motorists stopping by the U.S. Post Office in Crystal River will soon have a smoother ride after workers resurface the parking lot early next week.

U.S. Postal Service spokesman Floyd Wagoner said crews will start on pavement improvements, weather permitting, June 18 and 19, with minimal disruptions to customers entering the building at 18 NE 4th Ave.

“The Postal Service works hard to ensure its facilities are safe and convenient for our customers,” Wagoner said. “We appreciate our customers’ patience as we strive to ensure our postal facilities remain safe, secure, and accessible for the Crystal River community.”

Slabs of cement parking space curbs are already piled up alongside the lot, where vehicles bob weave around the few, but noticeable and obstructive potholes near the main entrance.

Crystal River officials reached out to U.S. Rep. Daniel Webster’s office within the past two months to expedite the fixes.

“They’ve been all over over it,” Mayor Joe Meek said, thanking the congressman and his staff.

Meek said while the resurfacing is a good start, more needs to be done to the building itself and its grounds.

“The post office is a place that folks to go quite often, and, right now, the condition…is not in a good condition and hasn’t been for a long time.” Crystal River Mayor Joe Meek said, “Clean the building up, pressure wash it.”

Wagoner said there are no other improvement projects planned for the local post office.

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It’s about time! They need to clean out the drain so the end of the parking lot doesn’t flood every time it rains. And why are they wasting money on cement curbs? There’s nothing wrong with the ones are there, just paint them. Leave it to the government to waste money.


About dang time! I've stopped going in the entrance. I enter thru the exit.


That building is a eyesore!! Needs landscaping and painting done. Will call my representative for sure.

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