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Citrus County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrested a Homosassa woman and charged her with aggravated child abuse after investigators say she kicked the young victim hard enough in the stomach to tear his small intestine.

Deputies arrested Kimberly Darnell Taschereau, 22, on April 2, after the male victim told investigators that while he was lying down in Taschereau’s room, Taschereau “hurt my tummy,” according to arrest records. The boy told investigators Taschereau kicked him four times and demonstrated the kicks by stomping on the floor.

Kimberly Darnell Taschereau

Kimberly Darnell Taschereau

In a related case, deputies also arrested Johnny Dakota Egge, 24, and charged him with child abuse without causing great bodily harm. The victim in that case was the previous victim’s brother. 

Johnny Dakota Egge

Johnny Dakota Egge

Citrus County became involved March 3 after the agency was contacted by the Florida Department of Children and Families about a possible child abuse case at Oak Hill Hospital in Hernando County, according to arrest records.

The case began when Taschereau first took the child — the first victim — to an urgent care facility in Homosassa, because the child was vomiting. The urgent care facility sent the child to Hernando, which in turn transported the boy by air to All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg for treatment.

The Citrus County Sheriff’s Office investigator spoke with Dr. Sally Smith of the Child Protection Team of Pinellas County overseeing the case there.

Smith told the deputy the small intestine perforation would be expected to cause abdominal problems and that the boy likely suffered “very high force trauma to his abdomen” the day before he was taken to the urgent care, according to arrest records. There was also evidence of previous high force trauma to the boy’s stomach days earlier, according to arrest records.

A month later, after medical treatment, deputies and Department of Children and Families staff were able to interview the child, according to arrest records.

Deputies spoke with Taschereau about the victim, but she said she never hit or kicked the child. Deputies arrested Taschereau and was taken to the Citrus County jail without bond.

Meanwhile, Oak Hill Hospital staff told Citrus County sheriff’s deputies about a second possible child abuse victim; the brother of the first victim who suffered a torn small intestine.

In this case, the second victim suffered red bruising along the right side of his face, forehead and right eye. The boy also had bruising along his left arm and left leg.

According to arrest reports, Taschereau told deputies that when she took the first victim — the one who was vomiting — to the urgent care clinic in Homosassa, she left the victim’s brother in Egge’s care, according to arrest records.

She told deputies that Egge told her by phone and text that he put the boy to bed, but that he fell out of his bed and suffered a rug burn.

When deputies spoke with Egge, he told the deputies that he was frustrated that he was given the work of caring for the child during Taschereau’s absence. Deputies arrested Egge and took him to the Citrus County jail. There was also no bond because of the domestic charges.

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