Commissioner Ron Kitchen Jr. offers his opinions to the New York Times digital subscription issue following public comment during the board's Nov. 5 meeting.

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Online newspaper pros: It’s immediately accessible and convenient.

If you’re running late to class or work but you want to take a look at the news, you probably aren’t going to make a trip to the store to buy the newspaper when you can look at the online edition right away.

As an added bonus, online newspapers are very good at bringing the big news of the day to the focal point of the website, which means you don’t have to hunt for the things you want to read.

In this fast-paced world, people don’t want to spend time fumbling through a print newspaper to find an article when they can search for and find it online in a matter of seconds.

Also online reading is more convenient for some handicapped people. Font can be enlarged, for those with Parkinsons or other diseases or disorders that cause shaking or tremors it's easier to read off a screen than hold a newspaper, the reading feature can be turned on etc.


I lived in Florida on this coast for 70 years and in Citrus County 51. I have watched a lot of destruction of this beautiful county. I used to swim over to shatzs island and never even new what a manatee was. The bottom was pure white sand and not a weed. My wife and I used to get permission from Linda to swim in three sisters' springs, nothing like the mess it is today. Just a small runoff had to pull our boat up on the beach and walk-in. If you want new york times readers, and industries and more traffic, move you didn't move here for that.


Lived in Florida on this coast for 80+ years. This area is and has always been just a whistle stop and will continue unless we get rid of small minded people who don't want the area to expand. No industry to bring in jobs or the younger working class residents. We just have those who's only thoughts are to control and not open their minds to grow. Always going to be a bedroom community unless new blood is elected.

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