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Citrus County’s confirmed coronavirus cases reached nine on Monday, but a shipment of additional test collection kits are not coming as expected.

The state reported over the weekend that the Citrus County Health Department would be receiving 300 collection kits.

“Apparently, it was done in error,” health department spokeswoman Audrey Stasko said Monday, referring to the report.

Stasko said additional kits are headed to Broward County which, combined with Dade County, have 43% of the confirmed cases in Florida, according to the state Department of Health.

Some Citrus County data from the DOH:

• As of Monday morning, 72 Citrus residents were tested. Nine — 13% — were positive and 63 negative.

• Of the nine confirmed cases, four are from Crystal River, two each from Lecanto and Inverness and one from Hernando. By contrast, The Villages have seven confirmed cases.

• Ages of the confirmed cases in Citrus County range from 17 to 80. Six women and three men tested positive.

• One person resides in a long-term care facility. Two others are hospitalized.

• Four are travel related and five are not travel-related.

• As of Monday morning, eight others were awaiting DOH test results.

• Statewide, as of 11 a.m. Monday, there were 1,171 confirmed cases. More than 13,000 people had been tested and 11,063 were negative.

• There have been 14 deaths, none in Citrus.

Detailed information about the infected Citrus County residents is vague to protect their privacy, Stasko said.

However, that doesn’t mean the public is in the dark.

When the DOH investigates a confirmed case, it will determine that person’s whereabouts and contact the people who came in contact with that person. Someone who works in an office or store, for example, will be contacted if they were likely to come within 6 feet of the infected person, Stasko said.

“If you were a close contact, you’ll be notified by the health department,” she said.

Those persons are advised to self-isolate for 14 days and to watch for signs of infection: fever, cough, trouble breathing. Those exhibiting symptoms while self-isolating are then directed to contact the health department for testing, she said.

Citrus County officials continue to have conference calls each morning. Sheriff’s Capt. David DeCarlo, who heads the county’s emergency operations, said county directors and elected officials are trying to protect their employees while also providing services to the public.

“I think they’re doing an awesome job balancing that,” he said.

DeCarlo, who oversaw the emergency operations center during Hurricanes Hermine and Irma, among others, said he thinks Citrus residents are starting to move from the panic associated with hoarding toilet paper and other grocery store items.

“A lot of it was the unknown at first,” he said. “It’s not a hurricane. The grocery stores are still open. The elecricity is on. We still have the internet.”

He said he hopes the public adheres to the ever changing regulations, such as Gov. Ron DeSantis on Monday closing all state parks, followed by cities and counties doing the same.

“These guidelines,” he said, “are for the safety of everybody.”

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CitrusCo Citizen

Where are the locations for testing? Which hospitals in Citrus County are the best and the worst for treatment of COVID should it come to hospitalization? I have had terrible experiences at Citrus County Memorial.


So where are these locations?


Thank you for listening to our requests for locations. It's appreciated. However, it has made me feel worse as I live in CR : )

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