Twisted Oaks expansion

Look for these trees to come down as 207 new single-family homes go up at The Fairways at Twisted Oaks.

A new 207-home residential subdivision is being developed at The Fairways at Twisted Oaks.

Eighty-nine of the single-family homes will be surrounded by five holes on the golf course off Forest Ridge Boulevard. The single-family deed-restricted community will be built in three phases.

Pre-construction sales will begin soon. Golf course lots will start at $54,990 and non-golf course lots at $39,990.

Steven P. Fischer, president of the developer Twisted Oaks Properties LLC, said he expects some prospects from homebuyers who may have looked at nearby High Ridge Village.

As home sites get scarce in that community, interest in Twisted Oaks may increase, he said.

Fisher said he expects to see the first-phase homes going up in 2020.

Golf course attendance has fallen off nationwide and several local courses have closed.

Tommy Lyman, general manager and director of golf at Twisted Oak Golf Club, said that’s because the industry overbuilt.

“There were more golf courses than there were golfers,” he said.

Lyman said the industry is now in a market correction and as the the ones that were in bad financial straits close the others still standing are seeing an increase in members and patrons.

Other courses, including Twisted Oaks when it started in 1990, followed a familiar pattern. Developers saw golf as a way to market their homes.

“And so they built all these golf course trying to sell homes without concern for the livelihood of the golf course,” he said.

Once they finished selling homes, the developer pulled away and left the operations of the course to members or homeowners. Without the developer’s subsidy, the members were in over their head and didn’t have the money to keep it going, he said.

Lyman said Twisted Oaks is in good financial shape and believes the economy is right to build these 207 new homes. The homes will be about 2,000 square feet, on smaller lots of about 6,000 square feet — the right size for the target retiree demographic.

They will likely sell in the $250,000 price range, Lyman said.

Lyman believes the Suncoast Parkway expansion, which will bring it closer to Beverly Hills, is also a selling point.

“Beverly Hills won’t be a bedroom community of Tampa,” he said. “But certainly people who move in here all of a sudden will have easy access to get to Tampa. I think that would enter into their decision to locate here.”


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CitrusCo Citizen

Step 1 of urban sprawl. And so it goes . . . Say goodbye to the Nature Coast.

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