Shoe Show sign goes up

The Shoe Show in Crystal River Plaza off U.S. 19 - across from the airport, is tentatively set to open the end of July. The store is currently looking to hire employees.

The new Shoe Show Mega in Crystal River is getting closer to opening and the North Carolina-based chain is hiring.

Those interested can show up from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. June 27 at the store, located at 408 U.S. 19, in the Crystal River Plaza off U.S. 19 - across from the airport.

Job seekers can set interviews and fill out applications at that time. The chain’s district and regional manager will be there.

It's in the space formerly occupied by Goodwill.

Dan Padgett, project manager for Shoe Show Mega, said the typical store employs about 12 people.

The tentative opening is the end of July, he said.

At 8,000 square feet, the new Crystal River store will be one of the larger stores and sell brand-name products such as Clarks, Florsheim, Nike and Skechers. There are 1,160 locations in the nation.

Shoe Show is affiliated with the Shoe Dept. brand. The latter has stores in Brooksville and Ocala.

Tim O’Neill, managing member of Crystal River Retail 1 LLC, said he believes the shoe store should do well at that location, given the absence of a major shoe chain in the area.

The entire plaza, he said, is doing well, and there is only one vacant unit. 

For more information, visit the chain’s website at

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We need a clothing store. We only have 1! Wish they would do something with that old plaza on us 19 it’s a eyesore!


Oh, thankyou lord.

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