CR 486/Citrus Hills Motorcycle Crash

Citrus County Sheriff's Office deputies and a Citrus County Fire Rescue firefighter move a Harley-Davidson motorcycle Monday afternoon off of County Road 486 at the intersection with North Citrus Hills Boulevard, where a car struck the motorcycle and its rider, who was airlifted for hospitalization. Markings on the motorcycle's front tire are where deputies spray painted the bike's placement on the roadway.

A motorcyclist was airlifted for hospitalization Monday afternoon after a car collided with his motorcycle at the entrance to the Citrus Hills neighborhood. 

According to a Citrus County Sheriff’s Office deputy investigating the collision, the rider of the black Harley-Davidson was eastbound on County Road 486, west of Hernando.

As the motorcyclist approached the intersection with North Citrus Hills Boulevard, a silver Mazda ran a red light while turning out of Citrus Hills Boulevard to head west on C.R. 486, the deputy said.

While the motorcyclist tried to evade a collision, the Mazda’s front still struck the side of his Harley-Davidson.

It’s believed the motorcyclist wasn’t wearing a helmet at the time of the crash, but he was talking when emergency crews arrived on scene, the deputy said.

Responders airlifted the motorcyclist to Ocala Regional Medical Center, a precaution for head injuries. The deputy cited the Mazda’s driver for failing to obey a traffic control signal.

Also, earlier that afternoon, a truck broadsided an SUV at the junction of County Road 491 and State Road 200, north of Hernando.

According to a sheriff’s office deputy investigating the crash, the white GMC pickup truck was southbound on S.R. 200, approaching C.R. 491.

At the same time, a white Hyundai Tucson trying to turn left onto S.R. 200’s northbound lanes from C.R. 491 travelled in front of the truck, violating its right of way, the deputy said.

Responders hospitalized all three of Hyundai’s occupants and one of the truck’s two occupants.

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We don't need more law enforcement! Enough is more than Enough!


Our sheriff has totally dropped the ball on traffic enforcement. People routinely drive 50 mph on citrus hills blvd and routinely run that light. The sheriffs dept used to patrol and ticket speeders on citrus hills blvd . Everybody knows something should be done about the dangerous intersection of 491 and 200. I like our sheriff , but he has no interest in traffic control .


I do not understand why a light has not been installed at 200/491. It's difficult coming up 491 to see on-coming traffic. People drove too fast. How many accidents must occur before something is done. For Citrus Hills Blvd - when I go the speed limit, I'm often tail gated or passed at excessive speeds.

CitrusCo Citizen

I think they must have a quota for the number of people who have to die at dangerous intersections before they decide to put in a traffic light or a traffic circle. How many? Maybe 100 deaths? Who's next? Your son or daughter? Your spouse? You? Do they even care?


I agree, that is one intersection that needs a light. It can take forever to turn left there, it’s a no wonder why people make risky moves to pull out from 491 to 200

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