An 18-year-old Hernando man was arrested Thursday on charges stemming from a road rage incident near Crystal River.

John Douglas Timothy Humphries is charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon after a man said Humprhries struck him with his car and drove with him on the hood for about a quarter-mile.

According to his arrest report, this is what happened:

Sheriff’s deputies arrived at the intersection of State Road 44 and North Rock Crusher Road on multiple calls of a hit-and-run. A man said he had stopped at the intersection at the same time as two men in a black truck.

The truck’s passenger got out of the vehicle and smashed the man’s passenger side mirror, breaking it. The report did not say what led to the confrontation.

The victim left his vehicle and stood in front of the stopped truck. Humphries, the driver, accelerated his truck, striking the man with his bumper and forcing him onto the hood of the truck. Humphries continued to accelerate, heading west on S.R. 44 with the man hanging on to the hood of the truck, the report states.

The man said he was able to get off the truck’s hood at around Meadowcrest Boulevard. Humphries “abruptly accelerated his truck and struck the victim again with the truck before driving away,” the report states.

A motorist who witnessed the incident gave the man a ride back to his car. The motorist corroborated the victim’s story, reports state.

Deputies located Humphries at Fort Island Gulf Beach, where he was arrested and jailed on $10,000 bond.

The passenger in his truck, Jeffrey William Harrigan, 18, of Inverness, was charged with criminal mischief and jailed on $500 bond.


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Never leave your vehicle if someone is in a rage. Only bad things can happen. If the car is damaged , make a police report after the person/s have ceased to be a threat.


Good Golly Molly, I am astounded that the driver received only a $10K Bond to post. What he did can easily be a charge of attempted murder or at least Aggravated Manslaughter . Lucky in my view. He also lucked out that the victim wasn't killed or (seemingly) badly hurt. Double lucky.

He may not be so lucky the next time he meets the judge.


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