Citrus County Hospitals - Citrus Memorial and Seven Rivers

Citrus Memorial Hospital in Inverness is on the left. Bayfront Health Seven Rivers Regional Medical Center in Crystal River is on the right

An estimated 160,000 lives are lost annually because of avoidable medical errors.

That’s according to the Leapfrog Group, a nonprofit organization that evaluates and rates hospitals, and which teamed with the Johns Hopkins Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality to review health care outcomes submitted by hospitals across the country.

Leapfrog assigns health grades to thousands of hospitals, grading them A through F.

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Leapfrog also warned that patients at “D” and “F” hospitals faced a 92% greater risk of avoidable deaths.

Both of Citrus County’s hospitals, Citrus Memorial Hospital in Inverness and Bayfront Health Seven Rivers in Crystal River, scored above those worrisome grades.

The 128-bed Seven Rivers Hospital scored a “C” grade and Citrus Memorial received a “B”.

Leapfrog will again grade hospitals across the country before the end of the year.  

Citrus Memorial received all passing marks in Leapfrog’s seven surgery categories, and in those seven categories received above average in six out of the seven. Categories included dangerous blood clots, accidental cuts and tears and death from treatable complications.

The 204-bed hospital also received above average marks for avoiding patient bed sores, patient falls and injuries, and gas bubbles forming in the blood.

The hospital received some of its lowest marks when it came to patient communications with doctors, communications with nurses, and responsiveness of hospital staff.

It received above average marks for its staff leadership, enough qualified nurses, and specially trained doctors for its ICU patients.

Readers can go to to find the grades of other hospitals in our area.

Seven Rivers hospital was a little more of a mix.

The 128-bed hospital scored above average for not leaving dangerous objects in a patient’s body during surgery and ensuring wounds do not open. But it scored poorly in other surgery categories such as dangerous blood clots forming after surgery and serious breathing problems occurring.

The hospital scored above average when it came to avoiding errors by having staff working together and safe medication administration, but below average for communicating with the patient about their discharge.

The hospital scored above average for avoiding patients getting dangerous gas bubbles in their blood, but below average for dangerous bed sores and patients falling or having injuries.

The hospital scored above average for its staff leadership, having enough nurses and ICU doctors, but below average for communications with doctors, nurses, and responsiveness of hospital staff.

Other area hospitals:

* AdventHealth in Ocala received a B

* Ocala Regional Medical Center  received a C

* West Marion Community Hospital received a B

* UF Health Health The Villages Hospital received a C

* Oak Hill Hospital in Brooksville received a B

Citrus County hospital representatives were not immediately available for comment.  

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