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Last March, a Citrus County couple donated their federal CARES Act stimulus money, $2,400, to The Path rescue mission to help finance a new roof for its shelter, the former Beverly Hills Motel.

They also challenged the community to do the same.

The challenge was a huge success. Combined with $50,000 from local Rotary Clubs and The Path’s Giving Tuesday fundraising campaign, they raised enough to get a new roof plus an extra $30,000, which they used to repair two electrical panels in the cafeteria so a backup generator could be installed.

Now, the Beverly Hills-based nonprofit organization has another need and a fundraising idea that its executive director, DuWayne Sipper, jokingly calls “Stimulus 2.”

The need: The shelter has 21 individual wall air conditioning units, which, combined, are expensive to run.

“Last August, it cost us $1,600 for electricity for just those (21 units),” Sipper said, adding that he talked to someone at Air Effects Air Conditioning & Heating, who explained that by replacing the wall units with central air conditioning the cost of electricity could be reduced by 50%.

The estimated cost for four central units plus carpentry costs for filling in the holes in the walls once the old units are removed would be about $50,000.

Sipper’s “Stimulus 2” idea: A local Citrus County resident has already given $10,000 toward the Path AC Project, and Sipper has donated his recent check from the second round of federal coronavirus relief money.

“I thought I’d put it out there that if folks want something to do with their $600, they can donate to us,” Sipper said.

To donate all or a part of your coronavirus relief money to help The Path replace its air conditioning units, mail a check to The Path of Citrus County, P.O. Box 3024, Inverness, FL 34451.

You can also donate online at www.pathofcitrus.org.

Be sure to make a notation that this money is to go toward the “Path AC Project.”

For information about The Path, visit its website at www.pathofcitrus.org or call 352-527-6500.

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