Out of the Box Animal Rescue, Inc.

The city of Inverness filed an eviction lawsuit to remove Out of the Box and its president Robert Schweickert Jr. from this house. The city had allowed the rescue to stay rent-free.

A Citrus County judge held an Inverness animal-rescue group responsible for not giving up a dog that had bit a child and needed to be monitored for rabies.

During a Friday infraction hearing, Judge Mark Yerman ruled that Out of the Box Animal Rescue Inc. was guilty of all 10 animal violations documented in several citations against the nonprofit group and its president, Robert Schweickert Jr.

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Bob Schweickert Headshot

Out of the Box Animal Rescue, Inc. president Robert Schweickert Jr.

Dusty / Out of the Box Bite Dog

Dusty, a three-and-a-half-year-old pit mix, bit an 11-year-old boy on March 9, 2018, but its keepers at Out of the Box Animal Rescue Inc. didn't forfeit the dog to authorities until March 19 so it could be quarantined for rabies, prompting the boy to undergo what would become unneeded rabies treatments.