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Nicole Raymond.

An Inverness woman whose home was demolished last week by the county after it was deemed unsafe and unsanitary was arrested this week on charges of selling stolen jewelry to a pawnshop and illegally using someone else’s credit card to buy six packs of cigarettes.

Citrus County Sheriff’s Office deputies on Monday arrested Nicole Raymond, 49, charging her with a felony in the first degree for dealing in stolen property, a felony in the second degree for giving a pawn shop false information, and a felony in the third degree for illegally using someone else’s credit card.

The stolen items are connected to July Floral City home burglary, according Raymond's arrest affidavit.

The victim of the burglary told sheriff’s office deputies that about $3,000 worth of jewelry was stolen from her home, along with a credit card. The victim also reported that her credit card company contacted her telling the victim that it had stopped an attempted $981 purchase at the Inverness Lowe’s home improvement store and a purchase for $21.65 at a Speedway gas station in Inverness.

The investigating sheriff’s deputy went to the convenience store, reviewed surveillance footage, and observed a woman later identified as Raymond purchase six packs of 305 cigarettes using the card. The deputy did the same at Lowe's, observing Raymond attempt to purchase a tool box for $981.

The deputy then ran a computer search of all recent pawn transactions and saw Raymond had recently pawned multiple pieces of jewelry at Colonial Jewelry and Pawn in Inverness that matched descriptions of property stolen in the Floral City burglary. An employee at the pawn shop identified the woman in pictured in the convenience store's surveillance footage as the person who pawned the stolen jewelry, and verified that Raymond had been paid $1,045 for the transactions.

Investigators obtained a description of Raymond's truck and later found her driving the vehicle without a tag. She was stopped, arrested and transported to the Citrus County jail, where she is being held on $9,000 bond.

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