A 27-year-old Inverness woman was arrested last Thursday and charged with driving under the influence with serious bodily injury to another person.

At around 1:30 p.m. Feb. 20, a Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) officer stopped Tricia Maro’s red Mustang when it pulled out from 3018 E. Queens Court in Inverness, a report said. There was an active warrant out on her on a previous citation for serious bodily injury, previously issued to Maro.

The previous arrest affidavit showed that Maro had gotten into a traffic crash at about 8:30 p.m. Jan. 6 at the intersection of Croft Avenue and East Celina Street in Inverness. An FHP report said Maro, who was driving a Honda Civic at the time, had been traveling south in the north lane of North Croft Avenue and crashed head-on with the driver of a Ford F-150. The driver and passenger of the pick-up sustained injuries and sent to Citrus Memorial Hospital. Maro was not sent to the hospital.

Blood was drawn and the results were received on Jan. 28 showing Maro’s blood alcohol levels were .269% and .268%. The legal limit in Florida is 0.08%.

Maro’s bond was set at $20,000.

Inverness man charged in domestic battery

Daniel Ziebart, 23, of Inverness, was arrested Sunday and charged with domestic felony battery by strangulation.

A sheriff’s report said Ziebart and a woman had a verbal altercation that became physical. The report said Ziebart struck her several times and, after a chase around the residence, he tried to strangle her. An eyewitness intervened and got Ziebart to release his grip.

Ziebart was taken to the Citrus County jail and held on no bond status.

Hernando man charged with grand theft auto

Timothy Roberts, 25, of Hernando, was arrested Sunday and charged with vehicle theft.

The victim told deputies Feb. 19 he went to sleep and upon waking, he found his rented black Chevy Malibu, cell phone and wallet were missing. He told deputies a woman he met at a friend’s house came back to stay with him for about two days. 

Deputies found the rental car Feb. 22 on a sand trail in the area of East Oakton and North Redwood Avenue in Hernando. There was a pickup truck with a trailer behind the Malibu and the car had no wheels and no engine. There were two men present with the vehicle, the report said.

After it was identified as the stolen car, deputies detained the two men.

Roberts told deputies he was trying to load the car on the trailer and take it back to the rental place for the victim and provided the rental receipt from the man. He denied knowing the vehicle was stolen.

The other man told deputies Roberts paid him $100 to pull the vehicle out from the sand trail. He said he and Roberts were going to bring the car back to his house and take it apart and/or scrap it and split the money, the report said. He also denied any knowledge of the car being stolen.

Roberts was arrested and charged with grand theft auto, taken to the Citrus County jail with bond set at $2,000.

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