Eric Williams

Inverness City Manager Eric Williams 

The Inverness City Council will consider beefing up its law enforcement for the city.

The council will vote Tuesday, Aug. 3, whether to pay for additional Citrus County Sheriff’s Office protection and a second community resource officer as the city prepares its 2021-2022 budget.

In a letter to his city council bosses, City Manager Eric Williams said the additional protection was warranted as the city grows and highlights its downtown as a visitor attraction.

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Williams gave the council two options and each continues through September 2022.

*Option one would maintain the current staffing level and service for $892,250. That’s a 4.46% increase from the current year. The majority of the increase would be due to salary increases.

*Option two would increase the overall staffing and service by one full time community resource officer for $999,865. That would be a 17.06% increase from the current year.

“With the redevelopment of the Depot District parks and the realized/forthcoming growth of the city, option two should be given consideration,” Williams wrote.

The city contracts with the sheriff’s office to provide additional service beyond that already available because the city is within the county.

The council has historically wanted the additional staffing and service level to make the city safer.

“The sheriff provides a full complement of law enforcement services,” Williams wrote the council. “Statistically, crime indicators are favorable and low.”

The council’s public meeting begins at 5:30 p.m., at city hall, 212 W. Main St., Inverness.

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