Fatal Hillsborough I-75 Crash

Tow crews work Monday afternoon to upright a dump truck that overturned on I-75 in Hillsborough County, killing an Inverness man and injuring several others, including an infant.

A man from Inverness and an infant were killed and several others were injured Monday after a dump truck overturned during a nine-vehicle collision on an interstate in Hillsborough County.

Charges are pending in connection to the 2:30 p.m. collision that occurred on I-75 north of the I-4 junction east of Tampa, according to a Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) report released Tuesday.

According to FHP’s report, the crash occurred when 74-year-old Daniel Thomas Ragan, of Spring Hill, who was hauling rocks in a 2004 Sterling dump truck, collided with southbound traffic that was slow or stopped near mile marker 262.

Ragan’s vehicle hit a truck and a Toyota Corolla occupied by a Tampa family of four before overturning onto a Nissan van, killing its driver, 46-year-old David Ross Garcia of Inverness.

A 34-year-old woman and two children — ages 4 and 10 — in the Corolla were hospitalized with minor injuries; a 2-month-old girl in the vehicle was treated for critical injuries but died in the hospital on Tuesday, according to FHP.

After it toppled over, the dump truck continued forward and struck a Toyota SUV, a Jeep SUV, a Chevrolet pickup truck, a Nissan Altima and a Ford F-150.

The occupants of those vehicles suffered either minor or no injuries, and were not hospitalized. Ragan had minor injuries but was not transported to a hospital.

FHP reported that alcohol was not a factor in the crash, which shut down southbound lanes of I-75 until 8:30 p.m.

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CitrusCo Citizen

Looks like a common problem with truckdrivers on I-75--driving too fast for traffic conditions. And maybe he was asleep at the wheel? Obviously one careening, crashing truck can damage a lot of cars and people. Please save lives and give us a separate truck lane on I-75!

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