Michael Daniel Carlisle

Michael Daniel Carlisle 

Citrus County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrested an Inverness man Wednesday and charged him with stealing a Grand Cherokee Jeep.

Deputies arrested Michael Daniel Carlisle, 37, of 214 West Inverness Blvd. after the owner of the vehicle reported it stolen from East Grayson Street, according to sheriff’s office arrest documents. Court documents identifying the victim were not immediately available.

The owner of the Jeep told the investigating deputy that while emptying the Jeep of groceries at her son’s home she left the vehicle’s keys on the counter in the house. She told the deputy that she saw Carlisle at the home and that he was an acquaintance of her son, according to sheriff’s office arrest records.

She said that when she went to get the keys and lock her jeep, both the keys and the Jeep were gone, as well as Carlisle. She reported to the sheriff’s office the Jeep was stolen.

Soon later that day the investigating deputy found Carlisle sitting in the driver’s seat of the stolen Jeep and parked just behind the victim son’s residence, according to sheriff’s office arrest records.

According to the arresting deputy Carlisle said that both he and his girlfriend had bought the vehicle. His name, however, did not appear on the Jeep’s registration.

At the Citrus County jail, he changed his explanation about the ownership of the vehicle and told the deputy he worked in trade for the Jeep, but put the Jeep in his girlfriend’s name because she already had a license plate that could be used for the vehicle. His bond was set at $2,000.

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