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The Citrus County Sheriff's Office is investigating a second break-in at the Key Training Center's Inverness Campus off of Pleasant Grove Road.

The Key Training Center in Inverness was the target of a second break-in late Thursday or early Friday morning. That followed an earlier break-in late Wednesday or early Thursday.

In both cases, investigating deputies found the door into the building unlocked, said Citrus County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Jodi Sanders.

In the latest break-in, Sanders said deputies were performing a security check and saw that the front door was again unlocked. Sanders said she is still awaiting the completed deputy reports, but there was sufficient evidence showing someone had gone into the building who was not supposed to be there. She said there were no signs of someone prying open the door or other entryway.

The sheriff’s office is also asking for anyone with information about the robberies off Pleasant Grove Road to contact law enforcement.

“If you have any information on who might have perpetrated this burglary, please contact detectives Perry or Cutlip at 352-726-4488,” according to the sheriff’s office Facebook page.

To remain anonymous and become eligible for a reward, please submit a tip through Crime Stoppers by visiting or calling 1-888-ANY-TIPS.

Key Center executive director Melissa Walker told the Chronicle Friday she is at a loss about the second incident. She said that after the first robbery, "We put in additional protocols to verify the doors are secured."

She said that involves two people working together to ensure doors and windows are closed and locked.

Following the first break-in Walker told the Chronicle that, “it took us a while to really see the signs, because there were no signs of the suspect(s) breaking in or forcing entry. We are questioning how they got it in, many of our office doors were unlocked, but then there were signs of someone trying to pry doors open.”

While Walker and the staff were trying to take a complete inventory of items stolen, she said the thieves made off with a safe — that had nothing in it — and was bolted to the floor.

But one of the biggest losses, Walker said, had several staff members shaken. Those items included gift certificates to various restaurants and trips to baseball and football games and other various outings.

“We were going to use these for the upcoming fashion show,” Walker explained, noting the Key Center Foundation does a wonderful job “in securing donations, gift cards and trips” for fundraisers. “Those items are going to be a little harder to track; that was really hard.”

Contact Chronicle reporter Fred Hiers at or 352-397-5914.

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