Steven Charles Winburn

Steven Charles Winburn

A Homosassa man initially facing a possible trespassing charge now is in more serious trouble and facing grand theft charges.

Arresting Citrus County Sheriff’s Office deputies first encountered Steven Charles Winburn, 37, Monday, Nov. 1, when they were dispatched to South Canna Lily Avenue in Homosassa for a trespassing complaint.

The deputy reported that when he arrived Winburn said he would leave the property and drive away on the same motorcycle that he used to arrive.

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According to records, the motorcycle was a 2020 Harley-Davidson, model XL 1200X Sportster48.

The deputy reported that the motorcycle was worth $12,000.

According to records, the license plate was pushed up against the side of the motorcycle with bags hanging over the plate.

The arresting deputy asked Winburn who the motorcycle belonged to and Winburn would only reply that he had gotten it from a friend named Leroy, according to records.

The deputy reported that Winburn was uncooperative about answering other questions about the motorcycle such as when and where he got it, according to records.

The deputy reported that when he ran the motorcycle’s information through the sheriff’s office data base, it showed the motorcycle was stolen.

The deputy told Winburn he was under arrest and when the deputy tried to handcuff Winburn, Winburn tried to run away, according to records. The deputy managed to grab one of his arms and another deputy on scene grabbed the other arm.

The deputy also reported that when he arrived at the jail, he heard the sound of glass against the back seat, according to records.

The deputy reported seeing a glass bubble pipe in the Winburn’s left hand when getting out of the patrol car. The deputy had Winburn go down on his knees and drop the pipe, according to records.

The deputy reported that type of pipe was commonly used to smoke methamphetamine. After the pipe hit the ground, Winburn said “What is that?” according to records.

The deputy charged Winburn with resisting arrest without violence, theft of a vehicle and possession of drug paraphernalia. His bond was $4,000. 

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