Another election year without a city election in Inverness.

Ballot qualifying week ended at noon Friday with veteran incumbents Jacquie Hepfer and Cabot McBride re-elected without opposition to four-year terms.

“I’m on Cloud 9,” Hepfer said. “I’m just thrilled for the chance.”

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Hepfer is the city council’s longest serving member. She served from 1997 to 2005, then was elected again in 2008 and has been re-elected three times since then.

McBride, who was first elected in 2008, said he considered not running again but decided he still had more to offer.

“We have some things that we really want to get done here,” he said. “We want to do some more street resurfacing, and septic to sewer is going to be a major issue. Those things can come together once we get past this problem with the pandemic.”

Contested city council elections in Inverness are rare. The last one occurred in 2010, when Linda Bega was elected, City Clerk Susan Jackson said.

Both Hepfer and McBride said that shows something about the city’s progress, first under City Manager Frank DiGiovanni and now his successor, Eric Williams.

“What I’ve heard from people is they like the way we’re running the city,” Hepfer said. “Nobody wants to run against any of us. That to me is the ultimate compliment and trust, and that’s why we get things done. We have consistency. We have an agenda and it’s the people’s agenda.”

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