Dec. 24 CR 581 Triple Fatal

A Toyota SUV and a Kia sedan rest Tuesday afternoon on South Pleasant Grove Road, south of the intersection with East Amy Lane, following a head-on collision that killed three people and seriously injured another.

Editor's Note: This story was updated after the print deadline for Wednesday's edition of the Chronicle.

A Tuesday afternoon head-on crash that ignited a vehicle fire south of Inverness killed three women from southern Florida and hospitalized a Pasco County man with serious injuries.

The Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) released the identities of the women -- Amalia Gomara, 62, Clara Gorrin, 86, both of Hialeah, and Nilda Cordovi, 85, of Pembroke Pines -- all of who died in the 1 p.m. collision that shuttered South Pleasant Grove Road, or County Road 581, south of the intersection with East Amy Lane.

According to a preliminary FHP crash report, 53-year-old Phillip Sawhill, of Land O' Lakes, was driving a white 2012 Toyota Highlander north on C.R. 581.

At the same time, a Gomara was driving a 2012 Kia Optima south on the roadway. Also in the Kia were two passengers: Gorrin and Cordovi, according to FHP's report.

FHP's report states Sawhill tried to pass other northbound traffic in a no-passing zone of C.R. 581, merged his SUV into the road's southbound lane and collided with the Kia's front.

After the crash, the Toyota came to rest in the road and caught fire, and the Kia spun and stopped along the roadway's shoulder.

According to FHP's report, the Kia's three occupants died at the scene. Emergency responders transported Sawhill to Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point for treatment of serious injuries.

It's unknown if alcohol was a factor in the collision, and charges are pending, FHP's report states.

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Lourie Schultz

First off, Ssabmud, this guy was just over 50, middle age by today's standards. What are you, 22, 25 ? If you had been here 30-40 years ago, you would realize our roads are in pretty darn good shape with the influx of population and commercial growth we have had and will continue to have. These roads are in pretty darn good shape with plenty of warnings posted on them. It is the people driving them that need to obey the rules of the road, it's not the first time this guy laughed at the laws and took the rights to life from others at his personal choosing. The saddest part is that 'others' pay the higher price than he ever will. Obey the signs, obey the rules of the road, and hopefully we all will be able to enjoy next Christmas with our families and our first responders will not have to scrape up the body parts from the roads.


I find there's two types of dangerous drivers. The ones that creep along then stop for no apparent reason. The others are the people that think they own the road and your an obstacle. You pull out in traffic with plenty of leadway, but these people think you just invaded their airspace and don't slow down, but speed up in some cases and come within a few feet of your rear bumper. I just tap on my brakes and let them know to BACK OFF!!


Isn't that called brake checking? And it is defiantly unsafe ....and against the law.


Is it now o.k. to be hateful in our speech to people in our community that you all deem "Rednecks"? I don't like it... feels as wrong as being hateful and condescending to any other group. This particular guy(from up North) looks like a nice guy who made a tragically bad choice.


Maybe improving the safety of roadways in the county would be a better investment of tax dollars instead of a tollway to nowhere to benefit the members of the Chamber of Commerce, the largest lobbyists of the swamp.


The Parkway is a DOT project, not Chamber of Commerce. Just as well get used to the idea and quit sulking.


The Chamber of Commerce lobbied for the tollway, the DOT didn't.


If you've ever driven on Hwy 44 between Inverness and Wildwood, you'll see complete disregard for speed limits and any sort of driving courtesy. I drive to the Villages during the week at 5am and it's the norm to have people driving 80 mph, weaving in and out and cutting people off. This is a 4 lane highway, but it's only a matter of time until one of these reckless, arrogant drivers causes a multicar pile up. Peace be with the ladies' families who lost their loved ones in a completely senseless accident.


Yes .... Looks a lot like ACR (another crazy redneck) .......

vibachu This might be the guy's FB page. Several pieces fit the Chronicle's account. If he has 6 children, and is relatively recently married you have to wonder what was in his mind when he drove as he did today.


This region of Florida is full of crazy redneck drivers who pass on double lines all the time. I cannot drive from here to Ocala without seeing this going and coming, and sometimes I have had to pull off the road to avoid a crash. This is tragic nonsense and it cost these ladies their lives. I don't know how to police this behavior but some way has to be found.


So, are you saying that anyone who passes on double yellow line is a Redneck, or that all Rednecks pass on double yellow line? Your profiling is somewhat confusing.


Because an old man was too impatient to wait his turn, three women had to die. Was it worth it guy When will humans learn? Never, I fear. May these three innocent women rest in peace.

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