Flooded roadway

Motorists drive south on U.S. 19 through flooded streets following heavy rainfall the morning of June 13. The rains saturated much of Citrus County throughout the morning. Forecasters are expecting rainfall to continue, though not as much rain is expected for the next week. Rain coverage in the area is forecast to remain around between 30% and 50% each day next week.

In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve gotten some rain this month.

How much? Try 4.66 inches for the first 12 days of June.

By contrast, Citrus County received 2.98 inches the same time frame last year, according to the Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD).

The rainy season in Florida kicked in June 1, and the precipitation didn't wait.

The showers, sometimes heavy, have been cropping up any time of the day recently, but the normal pattern of afternoon thunderstorms should kick in starting this weekend.

“Definitely by early next week, you’ll notice the familiar pattern,” said Tony Hurt, meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Ruskin.

Rain chances are forecast to be in the 30 to 50 percent range

Citrus County, like the rest of the state, has been inundated by a frontal boundary that has stalled over the Southeast. That’s contributed to the rain chances.

One beneficial byproduct of the soggy situation has been lower temperatures.

“Anytime you get some (relief) from the extensive heat, we’ll take it,” Hurt said.

SWFWMD spokeswoman Susanna Martinez Tarokh said rainfall during May and so far in June is in the normal range for this time of year.

But with about half a month to go, that could change, she said.

In May, 3.50 inches fell on Citrus County and the average is around 3.62 inches. Last May, Citrus got drenched with 8.89 inches.

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