Robert Eugene Wear

Robert Eugene Wear

An Inverness man’s anger over watching his girlfriend’s arrest resulted in his own troubles with the law that included multiple felony charges, along with a shock from a sheriff’s deputy Taser, and a jail cell not far from the woman that sparked his fury.

Robert Eugene Wear’s unpleasant saga began Sept. 13 when a Citrus County Sheriff’s deputy arrested Cassie Peterson at the county’s probation and parole office in Inverness, according to Citrus County Court arrest records.

Seeing the arrest, Wear, 45, pulled his vehicle behind the deputy’s cruiser and got out of his vehicle “in an aggressive manner,” according to arrest records. Not knowing whether Wear meant harm, the deputy pulled out his gun and ordered Wear to get back and leave. At first Wear refused but finally thought the better of it and left.

After taking Peterson to the Citrus County Jail, the deputy again recognized Wear’s vehicle in the jail parking lot and soon saw Wear crouched behind another car, according to arrest records. The deputy shouted for Wear to stay where he was, but again Wear would have none of it.

Wear then got into his car and the deputy, unsure of what Wear had planned, drew his gun a second time and ordered him out. The deputy reported Wear became verbally abusive and refused, and instead started the engine and fled.

The deputy followed him, lights flashing and sirens blaring.

Wear sped down County 491 toward the intersection of State Road 44, reaching speeds of 80 mph, barely missing other cars “without any care for other vehicles,” according to the arrest records.

For everyone’s safety the deputy stopped his chase. But he didn’t have to wait long.

Twenty minutes alter the deputy, and a second supporting deputy, found Wear at the intersection of Quincy Street and Thayer Avenue, passed out in the drivers seat, with a container that appeared to hold narcotics resting on Wear’s lap, according to records.  

The deputies woke him up and handcuffed him and ordered Wear into the deputy’s cruiser. That’s when Wear became violent and pushed himself away from the deputy’s car. Despite the deputies pushing and shoving, they two could not get him in. The scuffle ended with one of the deputies using his stun gun to subdue Wear, but not before Wear and the two deputies all fell to the ground, injuring one of the deputy’s arms.

The substances in his vehicle proved to be narcotics including heroine.

A criminal history check by deputies revealed he was out on bond for multiple felony drug charges already.

He was taken to the county jail, not far from his girlfriend, and charged with felonies for drug possession, resisting with violence and leading a chase at a high rate of speed. His bond was set at $21,000.  

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