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The framework of the big tiki bar at Crumps Landing was all that was left of the structure Saturday afternoon after firefighters extinguished a fire that burned it down.

April Cruz and her friend Laurie Mallon were in Crystal River when they heard the news of a fire at Crump’s Landing in Homosassa Saturday afternoon.

“My friend sent me a picture of the flames,” Cruz said.

Marlana Camden photo of Crumps fire

Crumps employee Marlana Camden shared this photo of the fire at the restaurant Saturday.

By the time they arrived at their favorite Thursday night spot to play cornhole, the firefighters were just finishing putting the fire out.

Mallon said she remembers when the original KC Crump burned at the same location in 2004.

“That was devastating,” she said.

Jenna Esteves photo of Crumps fire

Crumps Landing employee Jenna Esteves shared this photo of the blaze at the restaurant Saturday.

According to Citrus County Fire Rescue Chief Keith Long, a dispatch call went out at 11:48 a.m. Saturday and the first units arrived on the scene at 11210 W. Halls River Road, Homosassa, at 12:02 p.m.

The first three units on the scene were Squad 23, Rescue 7 and Engine 18.

The news traveled quickly on Facebook, where bystanders and nearby businesses shared photos of the blaze and extended thoughts and prayers.

Units from Homosassa, Crystal River, Sugarmill Woods, Connell Heights and Kensington were also among the first to arrive on the scene.

Upon arrival, the main tiki hut was fully involved, and firefighters found “active propane tanks venting,” Chief Long said.

Long said the fire originated in the mobile cooking trailer next to the tiki hut, and it appears to be the result of a cooking fire, according to the Florida State Fire Marshal’s preliminary findings.

The fire spread to the tiki hut and also the bathrooms near the mobile cooking trailer, Long said.

Nature Coast EMS was also on the scene; there were no injuries reported.

“This was a large commercial fire for this county, and most everybody in the county is here right now, so it really depleted our resources,” Long said.

The fire was under control at 12:34 p.m.

Crumps Fire 02.JPG

Citrus County Fire Rescue Driver/Engineer Elliot Nieves from Pine Ridge Station 20 catches a Gatorade after helping to extinguish the fire at Crumps Saturday.

Crump’s Landing employees were visibly shaken as they stood nearby; none wanted to comment.

Crumps Fire 03.JPG

Crumps Landing workers texting and post photos of the fire at that destroyed the main tiki hut Saturday. According to employees, police and a fire department van arrived in about 25 minutes, and fire engines arrived in 45 minutes.

Longtime Homosassa businessman Gator MacRae was in Georgia when he heard the news.

“This is a very sad day for Homosassa residents and everybody that’s affiliated with Crump’s,” he said in a phone interview. “We all remember the fire in 2004, and that was sad as well. But hopefully they’ll get it cleaned up and get it back on top and start fresh again.”

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