New fast food restaurants

Construction on a new McDonald's restaurant is set to begin in October on the northwest corner of U.S. 19 and U.S. 98 in Chassahowitzka, pictured at bottom left. Wendy's, another fast food restaurant, has expressed interested in building on the southwest corner of the same intersection, bottom right.

The corner of U.S. 98 and U.S 19 in Homosassa may soon be known as fast-food row.

McDonald’s is scheduled to start construction in October on a new restaurant on the northwest corner of that intersection. It should be up by the end of December.

Now comes word that Wendy’s has expressed interest in building a new fast-food restaurant at the southwest corner of U.S. 19 and U.S. 98. The chain has not yet submitted paperwork to the county for permits.

However, Will Bingham, president of Bingham Realty and the broker for the property owner, confirmed that he is under contract with someone but could not yet divulge details. Bingham is also broker of the new McDonald’s, which would be across the street from a new Wendy’s.

And if that is not enough, representatives with the Publix-anchored Shoppes of Sugarmill Woods have said they want to put a new fast-food restaurant on an outparcel just south of the Walgreens, according to Joanna Coutu, director of the county’s land development division. It may be a Burger King, but that isn’t confirmed, she said.

All of this comes as work continues on land-clearing at 9335 U.S. 19, immediately north of the Walgreens, on a new 7-Eleven. No word yet on the opening of that location.

Bingham said his company has had the two parcels on U.S. 19 for 19 years. He’s not sure what is driving the heightened interest, but is happy to see it occurring.

“We are more than excited with the activity,” he said.

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Nothing irritates me more than people complaining about growth- eEspecially when the overwhelming majority of the complainers moved here from elsewhere. Sorry folks, you don't get to move in and then close the door behind you. It is a small town, but it was a lot smaller before you got here.

This place needs growth- period!

CitrusCo Citizen

Right--build parks, re-build wetlands, multipurpose trails, indoor sports facilities for the general population during those brutally hot summer months, museums that provide interesting information about our history, nature, and science, maybe even an aquarium, improve water-related recreation in King's Bay and all of the lakes and rivers. Invest in the Nature of the Nature Coast and leave the fast food joints for the "other" coasts.


Because God forbid they should have to drive a whole 3 miles to get to a fast food restaurant in Homosassa.


I like the comments about what we should have, without the individuals making the effort and investment to start the franchises they want. Put in your time and money vs they keyboard.

Sandy Cheeks



I think we all owe our commissioners and county officials a round of applause for fattening their wallets for approving permits at the expense of their constituents. What was once a nice small town country area is quickly becoming a fast food, convenience store, gas station mecca. Thank you once again commissioners for another job not well done.


It's going to grow out there no matter what. So if they are going to put up fast food row, why not try out some things we DON'T have, like a Culvers, 5 Guys, Chick Filet. Among others. Macy's and Wendy's and Burger King is everywhere...JS...


I couldn’t agree more. We need Cracker Barrel red lobster pier1 Panera clothing retail petsmart desperately needed its growing in the area for sure.


Red Lobster? Why do you want a chain seafood restaurant when have better seafood restaurants here already? Puleeeezzzzz!

CitrusCo Citizen

I stopped eating fast food completely 15 years ago--lost 30 pounds and my LDL and triglycerides dropped like a rock. Walking and biking helped a lot, too. Citrus County was the 2nd unhealthiest county and now thanks to the BOCC Citrus County WILL be the unhealthiest county. Welcome to the Fastfood/Gas station, Industrial Coast. Goodby to the Nature Coast and goodby tourists.

Sandy Cheeks

The BOCC can not discriminate on which restaurants come here. It's up to you on whether you choose to eat there or not.

CitrusCo Citizen

I agree and you're right, Sandy, and I make a conscious choice to never eat from fast food joints and unhealthy restauraunts. But research also shows that people's blood pressure and mental health are affected by their environment. Which is healthier: traffic jams, cement everywhere, and block after block of fast food joints and convenient stores and polluted air, OR tall green, shady trees, wetlands, birds and other wildlife, blue sky, less traffic and clean air? I choose the latter, which is why I and my family have lived here in Citrus County for 1/2 a century. "But hey, build more and more fast food joints because that's "progress" they say!" "Bulldoze down those giant live oaks! " So now we have block after block, mile after mile of fast food joints and signs everywhere advertising them? Everything covered in cement? No, that's not progress! And I promise you--nobody will want to vacation here just to see mile after mile of fast food joints. They can go to Daytona Beach for that, and besides there's a real beach there.

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