Chili's, bank building

Rumors have swirled around the new Chili’s and Capital City Bank in downtown Inverness. The shared building near the U.S. 41 and State Road 44 intersection is is on track to open this summer. Rumors surrounding the project have falsely indicated news other than that fact.

For whatever reason, a persistent rumor is making the rounds in Citrus County that Chili’s has backed out of coming to Inverness.

The Chronicle looked into it – for the second time in the past month – and found the rumors are completely unfounded.

Inverness City Manager Eric Williams also hears the comments and cannot figure out how they started and why they are continuing.

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“It’s coming,” Williams said. “They’ve got a permit. They’re moving ahead and we look forward to them coming.”

Williams said this will be one of the first Chili’s in the nation that will share a building with another tenant – Capital City Bank.

Most Chili’s are free-standing. It will also be a bit smaller than the others. The plan shows 115 parking spaces.

It was one year ago this month when a developer filed a site plan with the city to build a Chili’s and a Capital City Bank on the property of the old, vacated Regions Bank site by State Road 44 and U.S. 41.

The site plan shows the restaurant will have 4,300 square feet and the bank 3,000 square feet.

The old Regions Bank, which had been at that site for 30 years, was torn down and opted for a smaller branch almost directly across the street.

Tentative opening of Chili’s and the bank is spring 2022.

Michael D. Bates is a staff writer with the Citrus County Chronicle and can be reached at