Holly Davis county commissioner

County Commissioner Holly Davis, who takes office Tuesday, Nov. 17, sits in her Citrus Hills home with her dog Casey. "I want to do right by this county," she said.

It’s big picture time for Holly Davis.

And that’s a place where Davis is right at home.

Davis takes the ceremonial oath of office Tuesday, Nov. 17, joining Ruthie Davis Schlabach to start her four-year term as Citrus County’s two new commissioners.

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Expect Davis to take it all in before she starts dishing it out.

“I’m not one to come in and throw my weight around,” Davis, 54, of Citrus Hills, said. “I can nudge, but in a very respectful, driven way, as opposed to calling people out.”

Davis comes to the county commission having defeated an incumbent — Jimmie T. Smith who, along with one term on the county commission and three terms in the state House of Representatives, had never lost at the ballot box.

Davis is the daughter of a Citrus County icon — former Crystal River Airport fixed-base operator Tom Davis. She’s also a pilot, and is a marketing consultant.

So seeing things from a broad view is second nature to Davis, whose big plans on day one in office are not to push a specific issue, but rather a long-term vision.

“My big push would be to set goals that are pretty far out there — five, 10, 20 years out,” she said. “We need to set us up for success.”

For example, Davis said the county commission wants its residential roads on a 25-year resurfacing cycle. Even though the board has committed millions of dollars annually for resurfacing, Davis said there is no consistent plan to meet the target.

“You set a vision goal that says by X year we need to be here,” Davis said.

And while COVID-19 has thrown the economy out of whack, Davis said it gives the county commission the opportunity to expand its horizons for economic growth.

Going outside the box is right up Davis’s alley.

“I’ve been paid to see around corners,” she said.

That means a methodical, rather than reactionary, approach to county issues as they arise.

“I’m never afraid to say, ‘I don’t know. I need more time,’” she said.

Davis said she is eager for the challenges.

“I’m well aware I’ll make decisions that people are going to disagree with,” she said. “I have the want to do right by this county. I really am embracing this.”

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