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This is what the Wawa site in Crystal River looked like in January 2019. Not much has changed since.

The ‘Wawa coming soon’ sign has been placed at the corner of State Road 44 and U.S. 19.

Paul Chossim, project manager with RMC Development, said he expects building activity to begin in about a month and the Crystal River store could open in seven months.

“In another four or five weeks you’re going to see a lot of commotion up there in getting that building off the ground,” Chossim said.

Wawa cleared its last city hurdle a couple weeks ago by obtaining a building permit and was only awaiting a fuel permit from the county to get going.

Land clearing at the northeast corner of U.S. 19 and State Road 44 has been ongoing for a year in Crystal River, ever since workers demolished the old Fat Boys' Bar-B-Q restaurant.

Crews have been constructing an access road to Northeast Sixth Avenue to give motorists another way to enter and exit the convenience store/gas station. In its traffic impact study, the Florida Department of Transportation determined that the access road would better serve traffic and did not see any concerns.

Northeast Sixth Avenue is home to the school district’s bus compound and also serves as a cut-through to Crystal River Middle School on Crystal Street.

When built, patrons existing the store off U.S. 19 will only be able to turn right and head north. If they want to go south, they will have to make a U-turn on U.S. 19. Or they can get to U.S. 19 from NE Sixth Avenue.

There will be no access into Wawa from State Road 44.

Pennsylvania-based Wawa has more than 800 stores nationwide. It expanded into Florida in 2012 and now has more than 70 locations in the state.

When Wawa opened its Lecanto store at the corner of County Roads 491 and 486 last month about 200 people showed up for the grand opening.

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David PS

What happened to Wawa?


I hear a lot of “I got mine “ here. How many of you are living in a natural fallen tree log? That’s what I thought. I was here when there was only a flashing light at the 2 small lanes of 44 and 19, and now people moving here have made it worthwhile to build a wawa. Can’t have people’s without the things people’s need, unless you are in Venezuela

Miuke Nelson

DOT contractors dig a retention pond across 44 from the WAWA, breach the aquifer and pollute Hunter's Spring run. On US 19 contractors removing underground tanks hit water and pump it into the street polluting Cedar Cove, Another decontamination contractor unlawfully pumped water into a nearby wetland at the Crosstown Trail site. So let's put more tanks in the ground in the same area. What could go wrong?


Gas station openings sure are big news at the Chronicle.

wesfulton Staff

I used to live in Los Angeles. Personally, I like living in a place where a gas station opening is front-page news.

CitrusCo Citizen

Front page news would be restoring some of the wetlands of the Nature Coast so that herons, turtles, osprey, eagles, river otters, storks, many species of birds and fish would have more habitat. But we know that will NEVER happen. Citrus County needs yet another gas station because, "Hey, that's progress!". They're actually turning the Nature Coast into Los Angeles. You should feel right at home, Wes!

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