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Editor's Note: This story was corrected to state just Crystal River residents can purchase annual passes for unlimited parking. The Chronicle regrets the error.

A revised set of fees to park at Crystal River parks and launch recreational watercraft from city ramps goes into effect Sunday, Aug. 1.

These fees pertain to Hunter Springs Park, Kings Bay Park and the city boat ramps at Pete’s Pier and within the Dockside Shoppes plaza off of U.S. 19.

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All-day parking at Hunter Springs and Kings Bay parks will be $5, all-day trailer parking at Kings Bay Park and Dockside Shoppes will be $7.50, and the launch fee per boat or paddlecraft from any city ramp or launch will be $5.

Parking fees at Pete’s Pier are collected by the marina.

Starting Monday, when Crystal River City Hall opens, city residents can buy annual passes to launch paddlecraft for either $20 per household with up to 10 vessels, or $5 for a single vessel.

City residents can also purchase a $50 annual pass for unlimited parking at Hunter Springs and Kings Bay parks for a single vehicle. This pass doesn’t cover vessel launches from city ramps.

For $100 a year, businesses can acquire an annual pass for unlimited parking of either a vehicle or trailer at the lot near the city fire department, and unlimited boat launches at the city’s ramps at Pete’s Pier and Dockside Shoppes.

Commercial and residential annual passes from the city don’t cover parking at Pete’s Pier.

Collected revenue from parking and launch fees would go back toward maintaining city parks impacted by visitors, sparing city taxpayers from paying more.

“It’s a great program, and funds are going to go right back to the city parks,” said Andrea Hullstrung, director of city visitor services. “We’re using a lot of resources from city residents to give back to the parks.”

Questions can be directed to either Hullstrung, 352-586-4988; or the city’s parks supervisor, Michael Corcoran, 352-586-5093.