Crystal River City Hall file

Crystal River City Hall is pictured along U.S. 19 in Crystal River.

Crystal River plans to get its talking points lined up for Florida lawmakers.

City Council members at their Monday evening meeting will vote on whether to approve a set of priorities they want the legislative body to work on in the upcoming session for the city’s benefit.

Officials drafted a list of proposals in June with their lobbyist, which includes:

  • Modifying state permitting conditions to bottle water from springsheds;
  • Providing areas in King’s Bay that would limit anchoring in environmentally sensitive areas;
  • Continued funding support for Save Crystal River’s King’s Bay Restoration Project;
  • A $2 million funding request to pay the remaining balance to build the $6.2 million Riverwalk;
  • $2.5 million to relocate the city boat ramp in the Dockside Shoppes plaza;
  • $650,000 to cover costs for second-phase construction of the city’s Town Square;
  • $500,000 for a new kayak launch at Kings Bay Park to ease use at Hunter Springs Park;
  • $200,000 for a master plan study on the city’s sewer system;
  • $13.5 million for a replacement city hall.

CRA board to vote on early designs for city Town Square

Sitting as members of the city’s Community Redevelopment Agency Board at an earlier meeting on Monday, council will vote on a motion approving the first third of construction plans for the city’s upcoming Town Square on the southeast corner of U.S. 19 and Citrus Avenue.

City staff expects design, permitting and bidding to finish by October, with construction starting on the $1.3 million project at the 2.7-acre site.

Council to vote on beginning traffic-safety measures for Kings Bay Drive and bridge

City officials will vote to implement the first of many measures to calm traffic on Kings Bay Drive, starting with the road’s humpback bridge.

Crystal River asked for engineering firm Kimley-Horn to look at ways that would make the street safer. 

In its proposals, which didn’t include lowering speed limits, Kimley-Horn suggested the city start by installing speed feedback signs and flexible tubular marker posts on road’s bridge.

Because the two signs, which show motorists their driving speed as they pass by, would cost an estimated $26,000, and because of input from neighboring residents, city staff does not recommend their installation. 

Monday’s council agenda also includes:

  • An update from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute on the 2019 local scallop season;
  • A public hearing to consider approving a development agreement between the city and Hampton Family Florida Investment Trust LLC to finalize land rights for the shores of the Hamptons' undeveloped lot for the construction of the city’s Riverwalk;
  • An update on the city’s pending ordinance to help curb and improve vacant commercial properties by having lot owners register with the city, maintain their vacant space and pay a fee that increases each year;
  • A vote to approve the up to $27,000 purchase of a 14,542 square-foot lot from Southern Heritage, Inc. This property, which runs south along the water tower, will be part of the city’s upcoming Town Square project;
  • Voting on the city planning commission’s recommendation to relocate the sidewalk on Northwest 19th Street in Woodland Estates from the previously-approved north side of the street to the south side of the street;
  • Having a discussion for installing a monument to George Willson, who helped finalize the public purchase of the Three Sisters Springs refuge in July 2010.

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Miuke Nelson

I'm glad they are doing something to increase the congestion and put more cheap kayaks on King's Bay but $500,000 for a kayak launch? Somehow I don't see that getting by Florida TaxWatch.

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