Crumps rebuilds

The new tiki hut that burned down at Crumps Landing July 13 is being rebuilt, as can be seen in this July 28 photograph of the framework well underway. The adjacent restrooms, which were damaged, are also being rebuilt. Permitting for a new kitchen is in process to replace the portable one lost in the fire according to Manager Bryan Craig.

It's unclear when Crumps Landing will reopen after suffering a devastating fire last month, but it could happen as soon as this fall.

Owners have the permits to rebuild the existing tiki structure and restroom facilities which were damaged by fire, and repairs have started.

The riverfront restaurant's Facebook page indicates the place could open by mid to late September.

Crumps Landing officials issued a statement through Michael Wilburn, the engineer on the rebuilding project.

“At this time we are unable to provide a timeline for re-opening due to the unknowns surrounding the damaged mobile kitchens,” they said. “Our team is working tirelessly to find the right solution and we hope to have a direction soon. Our goal remains to re-open Crumps Landing as soon as reasonably possible.”

The fire, believed to have started in a mobile cooking trailer, broke out about noon July 13 at the restaurant at 11210 W. Halls River Road on the Homosassa River. 

The large tiki burned along with the bathroom area adjacent to it. There was no damage to the gift shop or little bar by the river, he said.

No one was injured, but 139 employees were left without jobs.

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