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The number of newly dead in Citrus County because of the coronavirus rose to four during the week ending June 16. There were 362 new cases.

The number of dead was double that of the previous week. The number of newly infected was a 1 percent increase over the previous week, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

That now leaves Citrus County with 31,839 of its residents having been infected, or about one fifth the population, and 988 dead due to COVID-19.

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The rate of cases also designated Citrus County by the CDC as a county with a high transmission of the virus.

Of the residents who were tested for the virus, 22.5 percent were positive. That was slightly higher than the previous week when the positive infection rate was 22.1 percent.

There were 19 hospital admissions with confirmed cases of COVID-19 during the week ending June 15. That was a 5 percent increase from the previous week.

Of the county’s population, 56.8 percent is vaccinated as of June 16. There were only two new initiations for full vaccination, suggesting the percent of people in Citrus County fully vaccinated will remain the same. The Florida average for those vaccinated is 67.5 percent, according to the CDC website.

Throughout Florida, there were 74,323 new cases of the coronavirus.

It marks the second consecutive week that there were more than 74,000 new cases in Florida.

The latest cases brings Florida’s combined cases to 6,345,661, as of June 16, according to the CDC.

Some health professionals voiced concerns that people are using their home test kits and when they test positive, do not report the results to their local health officials.

Deaths due to the virus during the week ending June 16 was 22, making the accumulative death toll for Florida due to the virus 75,089.

There were 3,985 people admitted into Florida hospitals during the week ending Jun 15, according to the CDC. That was an 11 percent increase from the previous week.

Deaths typically follow hospitalizations by a few weeks.

Nationally, as of June 20, the daily number of new cases was 96,417, according to the New York Times, which tracks COVID-19 data.

The number was a 3 percent decline over the previous 14 days. The total number of reported cases in the US is 86,181,266.

The daily average of hospitalizations due to the virus as of June 20 was 30,076. That was a 3 percent increase over the previous 14 days.

The average number of daily deaths due to the virus climbed to 311. That was a 17 percent increase over the previous 14 days, making a total of 1,009,982 since the pandemic began.

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