Aquatic spraying Glyphosate

Technicians from Citrus County's Aquatics Services Division spray the chemical Glyphosate mixed with water to treat lily pads in Lake Spivey in this 2013 file photo. 

Citrus County commissioners believe the state has all the science it needs to continue spraying herbicides to kill aquatic weeds.

The board voted 4-1 Tuesday to ask the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, or FWC, to reconsider its plan to “pause” aquatic vegetation removal for one year to gather input on the effects of herbicides.

The county receives about $878,000 from the state for its aquatic plant management, which includes herbicide spraying.

Commissioners said stopping spraying for one year will allow plants to clog canals and navigable waterways.

“We can’t get it all with harvesting,” Commissioner Scott Carnahan said.

FWC will meet Feb. 21 in Gainesville to discuss the issue.

Board Chairman Jeff Kinnard said he didn’t think the county should urge the FWC one way or another without having scientific evidence to back up its position.

Carnahan, however, said he hasn’t seen anything to suggest herbicide spraying is a danger to humans.

“There’s scientific data out there. It’s been out there for years,” Carnahan said.

Kinnard was the lone no on the vote.

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The FL Governor was absolutely 100% Correct for shutting down this FWC permitting for public comment and review. I see this Invasive Plant removal as one of the biggest Man Made Blunders of Environmental Destruction and Chemical Vandalism, that ranks right up there with the Draining of the Everglades. Citrus Co Aquatic needs their permit pulled because of Mismanagement and permit Violations that the FWC is covering up. The FWC needs to get back to protecting the Fish and Wild Life, and this Evasive Plant permitting program needs to be administered by SWFWMD new Board of Directors appointed by the Governor.

Miuke Nelson

Studies brought to you by Monsanto. I'm with Kinnard. Let science dictate the results without political interference. I'm curious if any of the pro-spraying commissioners have ever read any of the scientific literature.

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