The owner of a Floral City cabin that Commissioner Scott Carnahan rents as his residence is working with Citrus County building officials to ensure it is properly permitted.

“Within a couple of days it’ll be legal,” Building Division Director Carl Jones said Friday.

The Chronicle reported Sunday that Carnahan’s rental at 8340 S.Clark Wise Terrace was considered agriculture and not permitted as a full-time residence, according to county records.

Carnahan cited the address as his home when running for re-election in 2018. The house sits in District 4, which Carnahan represents, while the house he owns is in Crystal River, outside the district.

The owners, Ronald and Darlene Gottus, moved the 1,000-square-foot cabin from another location to Floral City in 2004 as a “hobby building” to replace a home that burned down. They received permits for a well, septic and electrical for the hobby building.

In 2012, Darlene Gottus asked the county to permit the building as “agricultural housing.” for farmhands, security and agri-tourists.

Even though the building permit was applied for in 2012, there were no inspections and the permit expired.

Jones said Darlene Gottus this week applied for essentially the same permit to allow the building for use as a residence.

“They’ll be going through that process again,” he said.

While Gottus will be charged for the building permit — Jones said Friday he didn’t yet know what that fee will be — she will not be charged an impact fee.

In 2012, Gottus asked for an impact fee credit from another property she owned where a structure had been removed and she had no plans to replace it.

The county attorney at the time, Kerry Parsons, said the impact fee would be waived unless the building was found “not to be utilized as an agricultural housing unit.”

The county will allow transferring the impact fee credit as Gottus first requested, Jones said.

Jones said Friday the county erred in its processing of the 2012 permit application.

“I found evidence the county didn’t do what they were supposed to do back then,” he said. “I’m not going to elaborate on it. It’s only Carl’s opinion. The permit is going through the proper way it should go through.”

Jones said he also spoke with Carnahan.

“I told him I was going to contact his landlord in the next couple of days so that he’s aware of it,” Jones said. “He said, ‘Great, awesome. Glad to see this thing taken care of.’”

Carnahan could not be reached for comment.




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CitrusCo Citizen

So does this "hobby cabin" have running water, a working toilet and electricity? Gee, can I put a "hobby cabin" on my vacant land without a permit, too, and rent it out? After all, the BOCC just doubled my property tax on that empty lot for "accessibility" to water and sewage, even though I never plan to build a real home on it. But gosh, I'd sure love to collect some rent from a "hobby-cabin"-on that land, just to pay off the extra property tax. Thanks for showing us how to lie and "work the system", Commissioner Carnahan!

Bill Biedenstein

Wow I wonder how this slipped through the cracks?

Bill Biedenstein

WOW I wonder how this slipped through????????


Does anyone actually believe Carnahan is living in this rental? What a joke....


So, 7 years later Carl Jones wants to make this Legal? Who checks this morons work? I guess he makes it a HABIT of allowing Certain people's work to slip through the cracks. Mindful, my electrical permit was swapped with an Unlicensed contractor AND the GC didn't have Liability Insurance building. That's a biggie. I can understand mistakes but Costly ones, NOT!!! Go figure. No apologies, nothing. Just a paper inserted in the file to COVER UP.....Shady CROOKS......

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