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The county has received complaints from residents who live along the Homosassa River about loud noise from boaters’ radios and audio equipment.

Relief may be on the way.

County commissioners Tuesday will consider adopting an ordinance pertaining to noise, vibration and air pollution. That would be followed by a resolution creating noise-sensitive zones in specified unincorporated areas in the county. Signs would be posted and deputies could enforce it.

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If adopted, the first zone would address the Homosassa River concerns. The ordinance would allow commissioners to designate other zones in the future where or when needed.

“If the board approves it, this criteria can establish other zones in the county,” County Commission Chairman Ron Kitchen Jr. said.

The county ordinance pretty much mirrors that of Crystal River, he said.

“We know there’s been a problem but the issue was finding (an ordinance) that was enforceable,” Kitchen said.

The board has previously discussed creating an ordinance but all the nuts and bolts and the final wording of it will be discussed at Tuesday’s meeting.

For example, the proposed ordinance states that violations of this noise ordinance would occur when a sound exceeds 55 decibels when measured at a distance of at least 25 feet away. It also says the primary means of violation will be by the enforcement agent’s “ordinary auditory senses.”

Also to be determined is if the county’s code compliance division would also be able to enforce the ordinance.

A noise ordinance would protect residents as well as the “aesthetic and property values of properties,” the resolution says.

Offenders will be issued a warning and given a “reasonable” time (typically 15 minutes) to comply. If the sound is not eliminated or reduced to allowable limits or if the noise reoccurs after a warning, the offender can be cited for a violation.

Violation specifics, including possible fines, will likely come up Tuesday.

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