Citrus has the sixth lowest credit card debt of all 67 counties in the state.

SmartAsset, a financial technology firm, has issued a report that measures credit card debt as a percentage of income and net wealth. It covers counties across the nation and sought out places where people were most responsible with their charge cards.

The findings:

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Average income of Citrus County residents: $28,174

Their overall wealth: $51,481

Josh Wooten


Average credit card debt: $2,981. Of that, 10.6 percent is from income and 5.8 percent from wealth.

Josh Wooten, president/CEO of the Citrus County Chamber of Commerce, cited the county’s large retiree population which tends not to amass credit card debt.

“They’re on fixed incomes and they get to a certain point that they want to stay out of debt and just use their credit card for convenience,” Wooten said.

Citrus County also has a high poverty rate and low-income residents do not have access to credit and so that’s reflected in the numbers, he added.

That leaves the middle-class and, based on the SmartAsset report, “it sounds like they’re pretty disciplined” when it comes to credit card usage, Wooten said.

Sumter County had the lowest credit card debt in the state. Taylor County was second, followed by Sarasota, Charlotte and Highlands in third, fourth and fifth places, respectively.

SmartAsset calculated the ratio of credit card debt to per capita income for each county. That number was the benchmark to determine whether people will be able to pay off that debt.

The company then factored in the net wealth per capita and developed an index taking a weighted average. The counties with the highest overall index values had the least debt.

To view the entire report, visit -card-calculator#florida

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