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Thomas Daugherty, a Citrus County Florida Department of Health environmental specialist, photographs a flooded pond at the Singing Forest Mobile Home Park in Floral City Tuesday, Aug. 17. The lake pictured above overflowed its banks.

In the wake of countywide flooding, county commissioners — in conjunction with the Division of Emergency Management — are seeking data and information from residents, according to a Citrus County Sheriff’s Office news alert.

A citizen’s information line is open now through Friday, Oct. 1. To report damage, call 352-249-2777.

The flooding damage is a result of record rainfalls this summer.

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From Jan. 1 to Sept. 27, Citrus County has received about 61 inches of rain, above the historical average of 47 inches, according to. Dr. Mark Fulkerson, chief professional engineer with the Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD).

The county, he said, is on pace to receive about 68 inches of rain for the year.

The last time Citrus had this much rain during the wet season was 1960, with 48 inches. In 1945, the county had 48.9 inches. 

Several roads, yards and retention ponds throughout Citrus County remain flooded. Cries for assistance come from all areas: Floral City, Crystal River, Homosassa and even inland by Dunnellon and Inverness.

Residents reporting damage will need to disclose their name, address, phone number, whether they currently have flood insurance and a detailed description of the damage to their home, land and personal property, a sheriff’s office news alert stated. 

Disclosing damage as a result of the record-setting rainfall this summer does not guarantee residents access to disaster relief or funding or loans. This information is to determine if the county is eligible for any type of assistance for victims of this event. Residents are encouraged to gather documentation regarding damage, including photos and repair information.

Damage assessment documentation should be emailed to CitrusEM@sheriffcitrus.orgThose who don’t have internet access can come to the Emergency Operations Center, 3549 Saunders Way, Lecanto, and fill the documentation out and leave it with Director Amanda Woodward.


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