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At one time recovering from an addiction was something kept private and hidden.

Those days are over and those who are bravely battling their addiction to drugs and alcohol are celebrating, not hiding their recovery.

On Saturday, Sept. 21, anyone who has been touched by addiction is invited to attend Citrus Recovery Fest at Kings Bay Park, 268 NW 3rd St., Crystal River.

The free event is from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and includes a variety of speakers who will be sharing their personal stories of overcoming mental health and substance use disorders. 

Also, Cindy Floyd, Nurse Practitioner for the Florida Dept. of Health Citrus County, will speak about “Prenatal Care and the Addicted Mom” and the resources available to help moms who are facing addiction, and the best practices/treatment for the affected babies.  

Local psychiatrist Dr. John Grace, M.D. will speak about “Relapse Prevention Management” and about important factors that can assist an individual in helping to sustain long-term recovery.  

Following the event, the Salvation Army Canteen will be on hand to serve a picnic lunch that includes a hot dog, chips, and water.  

“This event is not just for the person in recovery, but the family and friends also,” said Renea Teaster, Executive Director of Anti-Drug Coalition of Citrus County. “We know they are such a crucial part of a person’s recovery, so they are welcome to attend. It will be a day of encouragement for those who need that inspiration to stay on their recovery journey, and also a time of reflection so they can pat themselves on the back, and remember how far they have come.” 

Because there are other events going on in the same area in Crystal River the same day, parking may be a challenge. People are encouraged to use public parking areas, including the lot on NW 1st Avenue behind Citrus Avenue/Heritage Village, 3rd Avenue next to Hunter Spring Kayaks, along Citrus Avenue and behind city hall on U.S. 19.

The Centers will be running a shuttle from various parking lots to Kings Bay Park between 9:25-10 a.m.

Bring a lawn chair or blanket to sit on.

For more information, call Renea Teaster at 352-601-6620.  

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