tree clearing violation

The county has issued a notice of violation to the owner of this property near Riverhaven in Homosassa for illegal tree removal. Nearby resident Terry Stevens provided this photo to the Chronicle.

A Homosassa businessman who was cleared in February by Citrus County commissioners of illegal tree-removal allegations was cited this week for essentially the same thing.

Citrus County Code Compliance accused Vision VI Investments LLC of illegally removing trees on property adjacent to the Riverhaven community on Halls River Road.

Principal Byron Rogers, who also co-owns Crump Landing at the former KC Crump’s site, will hear the allegations at a June 19 special master hearing. According to the county code, he faces a fine of up to $15,000.

Rogers could not be reached for comment.

Frank Fazioli, who lives in Riverhaven nearby, said he called the county’s code compliance division when he saw trees being removed from the property.

“I’ve complained several times, as a matter of fact,” Fazioli said. “This county commission has rolled over and let them do what the wanted.”

The county earlier this year cited Rogers for clearing property of pine trees with neither permit nor agricultural classification.

The county commission had a hearing to determine whether the county should seek a court injunction stopping Rogers from remove trees. Instead, commissioners voted 3-2 to allow Rogers to continue removing planted pine trees because the property had historically been used to harvest trees.

Rogers later attended a Riverhaven property owners association meeting and said he was clearing the property for an RV storage parking lot, and would be developing some Riverhaven lots for homes, according to residents who attended the meeting.

County code officials observed illegal tree removal on the property on May 14 and issued a notice of violation a week later, county records show.

Fazioli said Rogers is removing more than underbrush.

“He should play by the rules,” Fazioli said. “He should stop what he’s doing.”

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So this is the 2nd time this guy has rec'd this citation. Why, if cleared of the first citation, is he getting one again? This is just a waste of county the end, the exact same thing is going to happen. It's already been settled on the first citation....good grief some people need to mind their own business.


There are a lot of people in Citrus County who want to tell others what they can do with their property. If you like the trees buy the land!


Looks like it has been underbrushed plenty of trees are left from the photo i'm seeing Its pretty bad a man can't thin over growth on his property I wouln't think you would even need a permit.

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