Zarro Cement Finishing

Mike Zarro of Zarro Cement Finishing Inc. finishes off a cement slab for a new home. 

The coronavirus pandemic hasn’t hurt Mike Zarro’s cement and masonry business in Citrus County too much, but that’s because Zarro’s business is a necessity in the construction trade.

Zarro said the issue is that when it comes to new home construction, nothing moves forward until the home’s foundation is poured and dried so not showing up for a job is not an option.

The 64-year–old Zarro said that because of the nature of the work and the high outside temperatures, most of the workers in the business don’t wear masks.

“In the heat and by the time you get home you’re not wearing a mask anymore,” Zarro said. “We’re out in the air everyday but sometimes you’re right next to somebody else.”

And despite the virus Zarro said that builders expect the work to be completed.

That means working when the weather allows it, and sometimes when it doesn’t. So Zarro said it’s not unusual to see him or his workers at a job site early in the morning pushing water off a home concrete slab.

Zarro said he wants the public to know he and others like him are on the job despite the coronavirus and if they want cement or masonry work they are available.

Concrete and masonry businesses that have stayed in business through the pandemic and other economic hard times do so because they can depend on one another, said Zarro, with 30 years of experience doing the work.

“The people who have been in business are helpful to everyone else,” he said. “We’re all family.”

Zarro wants to remind people that despite the pandemic, he and his employees are available and ready to help homeowners improve their properties.

In many cases people who pour cement foundations and do masonry work are often out of mind when compared to other craftsmen, well-known retailers or popular restaurants, he said.

Despite the pandemic, now is a good time for such household improvements as concrete driveways, which will add to the value of your home, he said.

“There’s a convenience of having it,” he said. “You don’t have to worry about a washout…and you won’t need a four-wheel drive to get home.


  • Business Name: Zarro Cement Finishing Inc.
  • Address: 154 North Savary Ave., Inverness
  • Contact: Owner Mike Zarro, 302-7566

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