Luis Garcia Narcan training

Retired South Florida firefighter and paramedic Luis Garcia is on a mission to give away doses of naloxone (brand name Narcan), the opioid overdose-stopping nasal spray, to people who are willing to carry it with them and use it on a stranger. At a recent Narcan training session and giveaway in Citrus County, Garcia said he believes every life is worth saving and that "drug addicts can’t choose recovery if they’re dead."

Of the people who came to a recent Narcan training session in Citrus County, some were health care professionals, some were first responders, others were concerned citizens or parents of opiate addicts.

“It gives people an opportunity to save a life,” said Joe Campfield, Inverness Fire Department chief. “I know there’s a stigma to it and some people have reservations, but when it’s administered to someone who has overdosed, it works immediately — and it saves lives.”

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Narcan box

One 4 mg dose of Narcan nasal spray given to someone within eight minutes of the person collapsing from an opiate overdose can bring them back from the brink of death — immediately.

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