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Sheriff Mike Prendergast forced the resignation of a deputy who is a candidate for office, basing the decision on a state law that he learned afterward doesn’t apply, according to interviews and records.

The four Republican sheriff candidates sat down individually with the Citrus County Chronicle editorial board this week and discussed why they should be the county’s top law enforcement officer. This is what they said.

A Citrus County sheriff’s candidate said he “just totally forgot” three credit card debts that resulted in a pair of lawsuits filed against him in 2019, and was reminded only in May when a third company filed a similar lawsuit.

The four Republican candidates for the August sheriff primary contest got down to business Friday at a forum, which was top-heavy with questions about how they can use their position as top county cop to assist local employers and foster economic development.

As demonstrations over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis continues and many communities call for law enforcement overhaul or police department de-funding, the Citrus Chronicle asked the county’s four Republican sheriff candidates questions about policies they would implement if electe…

Editor’s note: The Campaign Trail lists where to find candidates, from fundraisers to speaking engagements. With much of that on hiatus for the time being, the Chronicle asked candidates to provide website or Facebook information so that voters can keep up with the candidates themselves. Tho…

Citrus County Democrats are calling on Mike Klyap Jr. to drop his campaign for sheriff after he referred to peaceful protesters in Marion County as “animals."