Adams draws ire, praise from readers

Commissioner Scott Adams served four years in office. He announced his intentions Tuesday to run for supervisor of elections.

Claiming the office has a “number of compliance issues,” former Commissioner Scott Adams filed paperwork Tuesday to run next year for Citrus County supervisor of elections.

Adams, who has won one county commission race and lost four, becomes the second Republican to declare for the office after six-term incumbent Susan Gill announced she would retire after the 2020 election. The other is Maureen “Mo” Baird, a 34-year elections office veteran who is operations manager.

Scott Adams 2018 mug

Scott Adams said he's happy to rent space for the Trump Club.

Adams said the elections office should have someone on staff to investigate voter fraud, though he gave no indication any fraud is actually occurring other than the allegations he made in an unsuccessful lawsuit last year against Gill and Commissioner Scott Carnahan over Carnahan’s residency.

“There’s numerous compliance issues here in Citrus County that’s been overlooked,” he said during a Chronicle interview, without providing a single example even when asked. “Maybe it’s not what we haven’t been enforcing. We’ll get into that later.”

He also claimed that Citrus specifically was “named nationally as one of the counties that had problems.”

Asked to cite his source of that information, Adams said: “It was on Fox News.”

Adams lost his first county commission race in 2000 but was elected in 2012. He lost a re-election race to current Commissioner Brian Coleman and made another attempt in 2018 against incumbent Scott Carnahan.

During that campaign, Adams sued both Carnahan and Gill, claiming Carnahan improperly listed a Floral City address on his voter registration application when he actually lived in Crystal River. He asked a judge to toss Carnahan from the ballot because Crystal River is not in the district he represents.

Carnahan acknowledged committing a “small mistake” by living outside his district, but then signed a lease for a house in Floral City within the district.

Adams lost the lawsuit, then asked State Attorney Brad King to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Carnahan. King’s one-word response to Adams: “No.”

Susan Gill mug

Supervisor of Elections Susan Gill

Gill, who said Tuesday she is endorsing her assistant Baird for the 2020 race, said Adams has not been able to show any wrongdoing.

“He took it to the state attorney. Did the state attorney do anything with it? He sued us in court. What happened?” Gill said. “We follow the law in this office.”

Along with hiring an investigator for voter fraud, Adams said a deputy should accompany ballots as they are being transported from precinct locations to the supervisor’s office on Election Night.

Adams said he has the expertise to oversee the elections office.

“I’ve been in politics. I’ve approved budgets,” he said. “I bring more administrative professionalism and experience than most people. I’ve done it my whole life. It takes a good administrative person to lead their employees and lead this county to a safe and secure election process.”

Note: This story was updated to reflect that Adams has run for office five times, not four.


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This man does nor have a shred of decency in his body. To elect him as a watchdog over the election process would be a travesty to every Citrus County voter.


He has no idea about how the office works. Accused them of two going. We the citizens need someone who understands the process. I feel he would be disruptive. My feeling are based on his history as a commissioner.


How unfortunate that Scott Adams once again would choose such ridiculous untruthful statements, this time targeting Susan Gill, one of the county's most honest, upstanding citizens. As always, I would like to think it is Scott's ignorance that fuels his bully comments not a malicious spirit, but now with this, I am really wondering what kind of a person he really is. I am certain he is not the kind of person that should take her seat, I am beginning to think he just likes attention, like a school yard bully,


I have seen too much of Scott Adams destructive bullying in this county. He is hot headed and vindictive. It would be disastrous for him to fill this important position.


Gee, whatever could go wrong with this hot-heated ignorant fool who has absolutely no interest in the democratic process. He'll harass and denigrate the fantastic staff in the elections office just like he did with the county staff.

CitrusCo Citizen

This is the most rude, crude, lewd person I have ever seen in any government meetings. Check out his outrageous behavior on U Toob. I never even know who he was until I saw his behavior in the media. He is definitely not the brightest bulb on the tree, either. People, please do not put him in any position of power.




Why would a politician kick-off their campaign by making an accusation without any proof? That is not a way to win an election.


Adams is Trump-like, and shame on us if he gets elected to an office of any kind.

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