INVERNESS — Withlacoochee Technical College inducted its largest group of National Technical Honor Society (NTHS) nominees in its history on May 17 . 

With a total of 33 members from eight programs, the school chose the nominees by their embodiment of seven key attributes identified by NTHS consisting of leadership, scholarship, skills, honesty, citizenship, service and responsiblity. 

 The National Technical Honor Society was founded in 1984 to recognize and honor the accomplishments of students enrolled in career and technical education programs. There are approximately 100,000 active members and nearly 1 million members have been inducted since 1984. Over $250,000 in scholarships is awarded annually to its members.  

“This is my first year as NTHS adviser,” said Betsy Beraquit. “It was great to see how excited our students were to be nominated. For so many of our students, it is the biggest accomplishment of their lives to date. The opportunities to apply for scholarships, to participate in a ceremony with their peers and stand proudly as their names were called to the podium was truly awe-inspiring for me.”

“We are proud of our students. They are in the top percentage of their programs, while showing strong leadership characteristics,” said Student Services Assistant Director Lori Casalvieri. “They step in and have the desire to do more. They are people I would want to hire, and that shows the quality of work they will give to the workforce.” 

WTC congratulates the following 2017 inductees, including

Vanessa Tafoya, who received a two-year membership pin. Tafoya previously completed the Automotive Service Technology program and is now enrolled in the Technology Support Specialist program.

2017 inductees are:

  • Automotive Collision Repair Technology: Rodney Alexander, Jessica Baird, Connor Garvey, Haylee Parker and John “Jason” Shetrone 
  • Automotive Service Technology: Ernest Frie, Josh Muller and Robert Stewart
  • Commercial Foods and Culinary Arts: Steven Knopp
  • Cosmetology: Tabatha Armstrong, Peyton Bryant, Angella Graham, Ashley Pinkul, Jennifer Pinner and Toni Rodriquez
  • Electricity: Joseph Hill and Richard Psaladakis
  • Medical Administrative Specialist: Netshally Collazo, Elizabeth Corbin, Kirsten Darnell, Rosanna Delph, Ashli Eddings, Leslie Garrison, Mary Gick, Joclyn Houdasheldt, Rickia Johnson, Cheyenne Medina, Tabitha Merritt, Amy Murray and Kimberly Schubert
  • Network Systems Administration: Kirsten Gullo and Cory Propst
  • Welding: Kaley Aungst.

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