INVERNESS — Withlacoochee Technical College (WTC) was recently recognized for the hard work of every student in the school.

WTC was notified by its accrediting agency, the Council on Occupational Education (COE), that it is 1 of 3 of a total of 48 technical schools and colleges in the state of Florida to achieve at least 90 percent in each of the measures of student program completion, student placement and licensure.

 “It is a great accomplishment — 90 percent is a high bar and they set the bar high,” said Director Gloria Bishop. “It is a lot of hard work on all of our staff; it means out of our student population, we have 90 percent who complete our programs, 90 percent we place in the workforce in a field that is related to what they went to school for and the last 90 is for the licensure.”

 This is not first time the school received this honorary award, according to Bishop, but she isn’t surprised because the staff and students strive hard every day. 

“Our instructors work with our students to help make them successful. They try to differentiate instructions to help students who are struggling,” Bishop said. “We also have a great support staff; our student services staff works with our career advisers and the guidance counselors help students with any obstacles, while our instructors do an excellent job with networking and being in constant contact with our local industries.”

 The school was established in 1968 as the Withlacoochee Vocational Technical Center in order to bring trades education to citizens of Citrus, Marion, Sumter and Hernando counties. WTC continues with that strong dedication to the local citizens to provide current training needed for tomorrow’s workforce in a variety of career fields such as health care, information technology, public safety, automotive repair, human services, massage therapy and manufacturing, among other studies. 

“We feel it is our duty to give the workforce quality skilled workers in a variety of trades and professions, while making sure they are ready for employment upon program completion and/or licensure,” Bishop said. 


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